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About Profastclean

Profastclean is your dependable and dedicated partner in Orange County, CA for residential, commercial, and auto cleaning services. Whether you are a busy homeowner or a business owner, our trained and experienced team of cleaning professionals will ensure that every square foot of your property is sparkling clean and hygienic.


Our cleaning experts know how to meet deadlines. We are available at your service 7 days a week and we are equipped to deliver emergency services too at very short notice. We know your home, office or another building should be cleaned with the least amount of interruption to the occupants. Therefore, we have developed systems and deploy advanced janitorial tools and techniques to complete even complex and elaborate cleaning jobs at top speed.


Our speed and efficiency are only exceeded by our commitment to quality. At Profastclean, no cleaning job is too big or too small. We take pride in our work, and we are passionate about improving your home or business property’s aesthetics as well as performance through our cleaning services. Our janitorial crews are trained to treat your premises with as much care as they would show to their own property. For us, your total satisfaction is our greatest reward.


At Profastclean, we believe that every home, every business, and even every automobile has a personality of its own. We will evaluate the unique requirements of your property and create a custom cleaning plan tailored to match your property’s requirements, your personal goals, and your budget.

Our professional crew members will patiently listen to your concerns, and work closely with you to accomplish even the most stubborn or challenging cleaning jobs with outstanding results. We use the finest quality cleaning materials, chemicals, and equipment so that we not only provide a shining facelift to your property but also add to its restorative value and longevity.

Why Hire Us

Profastclean cleaning teams will go above and beyond your expectations to deliver personalized care and service to you each time. Our commitment to client satisfaction and client delight is founded on four pillars of excellence.

• Expertise: We have the skills, knowledge, and training related to the latest cleaning products, methods, and technology to surpass the industry standards in every cleaning project, no matter how simple or complex.

• Dependability: We are in the cleaning industry for the long haul. Our customers love us because we are reliable and responsible. They trust us with their property because they know we will value it and clean it with care and passion.

• Accountability: Our culture of accountability to our customers is our winning edge. Our cleaning team will become an extension of your family or your staff, taking ownership and ensuring that the results meet or exceed your own aspirations.

• Innovation: Cleaning services industry is constantly evolving, and Profastclean is committed to being at the cutting-edge of innovation at all times. We do shy away from embracing the latest technology and solutions to amaze our customers with scintillating outcomes.

Call our friendly representatives at 949.759.2654 today to learn more or schedule your cleaning appointment.

About Us - ProFastClean




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